Winter Roofing Maintenance Questions – FAQs

Q. How can ice dams be reduced or removed? A. Remove as much snow as possible, but call a professional roofing contractor if your roof is steep, the snow is deep or the ice is thick. Hodges Roofing does not recommend using ice picks or shovels (or any tool with sharp edges) because there is…

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Shakes and Shingles – How to Make them Greener

Shakes and shingles are generally the most popular types of roofing materials, but without the right engineering, they’re also the least cool of the cool roofing options. Or, to be more precise, they’re the least reflective. And you want your roof to reflect, not collect, the heat. To improve the green qualities of these roofs, consumers…

Hodges Roofing Before & After Pictures

Here are two before and after projects that Hodges Roofing Winston Salem recently completed. The first roofing job was to reroof this nice house. Special attention to getting it right around the dormers.

The second job was to re-roof and recover the sides with vinyl siding.


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DIY Gutter Repair Tips

Let’s take a look at a couple of most common problems you may find as you’re inspecting and maintaining your New Jersey gutters. #1. The Problem: Sagging Gutters Over time, the fasteners and brackets holding your gutters against the roof perimeter may begin to pull away—or even break off—so gutters begin to sag. In addition…