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Hodges Roofing Winston Salem NC

Hodges Roofing Winston Salem NC

We are the Most Affordable and Trusted Roofing Contractors in Winston Salem for over 16 years because our low roofing prices and top quality roofing craftsmanship Many of customers pick us due to our professionalism, reliability, and warranties. Whether your looking for a roof repair or the best roofing company to replace your roof, don’t leave our site until you give us a call for a FREE Roof Inspection. Most of our customers originate from word of mouth as a result of our top quality roofing we provided them. We hope to help you as well and save you money. Many times for roof repairs we have shingles and roof materials from other jobs we can use to save you money, just contact us. For new roofs in Winston Salem, its the same thing. Call us At (336) 391- 2799 For A FREE Upfront Roof inspection ANYWHERE in Winston Salem or surrounding areas. See Service Map to know if we can service your home or business. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Please call (336) 391- 2799 for FREE Roof Inspection.

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Our roofing specialists are experts and have extensive experience in all aspects of roofing from residential to commercial. We have now 1000’s of satisfied clients in Winston Salem and surrounding area. We don’t just provide you roofing, we provide you advice on how you can save MONEY and get a quality roof. Our customers love us because of the advice we provide to save them money. For the best price on any of your roofing needs, call (336) 391- 2799 for FREE Roof Inspection.

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Winston Salem RoofingWe offer a broad spectrum of inexpensive roofing services to our customer, including but not limited to sloped roofs (cedar, slate, metal, and shingle roofing) and flat roofs (2-ply, 4-ply ,EPDM, TPO), installation and repair, and sheet metal works. Immediately after we assess your property we will be able to consult you on the most affordable choice. Interested in getting the best price? Call Us Today at (336) 391- 2799 to schedule an appointment.

We Provide:

  • Residential Roofing in Winston Salem
  • Residential Roof Repair in Winston Salem
  • Commercial Roofing in Winston Salem
  • Commercial Roof Repair in Winston Salem
  • Shingle Roofing in Winston Salem
  • Metal Roofing in Winston Salem
  • All Flat Roofing in Winston Salem- been doing it for over 16 years! =)
  • New Roof Replacement in Winston Salem (GREAT PRICES)

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We provide fair pricing on roofing in Winston Salem and surrounding area, because we know that if we provide you a quality job. Then you will promote us… and your recommendation to your friends and family is really what we want in the long run. Regarding pricing of a new roof in Winston Salem, it can cost from 2,000 on the low end up to $10,000 on the high end and pitch of your roof. Roof repairs are usually the more affordable choice unless your roof is very old, then it might not be worth it. Nonetheless, its important to get a FREE Roof Inspection, YES we will come to your home and tell you what the best choice is to save YOU money! It’s simple for us, if we provide you quality fair priced work, you will recommend us! So call us today at (336) 391-2799 for a FREE Roof Inspection in Winston Salem or surrounding area. When we come to visit you, we will provide you an accurate and FREE price on your roof and best of all provide you the insight on how you can save money!

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roof rpair - replacement Winston SalemOur team of reliable roofing contractors in Winston Salem have a wide variety of skills to provide you with a quality and affordable roof that fits your budget. Save Money By Calling is Today! Don’t risk quality and value by going with another roofing company in Winston Salem, we offer the best warranty & Extended Warranty options you will find and the expertise you need. Let us come to you and inspect your roof for FREE and give you a 100% FREE Estimate. Regardless of the season we can provide you roof inspection. We have helped thousands of people in Winston Salem and surrounding area save money and get the the roof that best fits their budget. Be our next client. We can definitely help you if your in Winston Salem or surrounding area and are looking for the best roofing contractors! Call us at (336) 391 – 2799 today for a 100% FREE ESTIMATE and allow us to save YOU money on a NEW Roof or Roof Repair.

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