Hodges Roofing installs all major roofing brands from asphalt shingle, metal, TPO, slate, tile and many more.

The roof over your head protects so many things that are not only important to you but also valuable. Your family, your pets, and your dear memories, all of these precious things are under the roof over your head. A quality residential roofing system is vital in order to protect both your investment you have in your home and the many things you care and love in your life.

Whether you’re installing a new roof, re-roof, or a simple repair on your residence or building, the contractor you hire is a very important decision. The hiring of your roofing contractor is so important because this typically only happens once or twice in your lifetime. In the hiring process of a roofing contractor, make sure the contractor you choose has a reputation for doing a good job and a long history of excellence and fully satisfied customers. Hodges Roofing has both the experience and a positive reputation in the Winston Salem and surrounding areas like Greensboro, Yadkinville, Kernersville, High Point and all points in-between.

Our Hodges Team recognizes and understands the value of your investment, in recognizing the value, we understand that every roof is different and requires an individual approach. When you make the decision to hire Hodges Roofing you are putting your trust in our company and we take this decision very seriously.

Hodges Roofing is responsible for thousands of roofs in Winston Salem and surrounding areas. We have been in business for long enough to know the process to get the job done the Right Way the first time. We have earned the trust of our clients throughout Winston Salem and surrounding Triad Area of North Carolina through hard work, old-fashioned workmanship and customer service. We have built our trustworthy reputation one roof at a time which you rarely find these days.

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Green Roofing is a very important consideration.

Here is some valuable information from one of our vendors CertainTeed. Hodges Roofing & Construction is a SELECT ShingleMaster™ 

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Hodges Roofing meets green building standards with CertainTeed Roofing materials

Understanding the role of CertainTeed Roofing in meeting Green Building Standards.
Pre- and post-consumer recycled content accounts for a significant percentage of the materials used to manufacture many CertainTeed roofing products. This content includes slag, stone granules, corrugated mixed paper and sludge, and not only reduces landfill waste, but also cuts down on the release of greenhouse gases that would occur if virgin materials were processed to manufacture these products.
Some of these products contain up to 80% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content, thus contributing to the Environmentally Preferred Products category within USGBC’s LEED-H standard. Using Certain Teed Vinyl Siding, Cedar Impressions Siding and Restoration Millwork trim also offers opportunities for building professionals to increase their projects’ sustainability while maximizing possible LEED and NAHB certification points.

Green Facts:

  • Many CertainTeed roofing products are manufactured with pre- and post-consumer recycled content including slag, stone granules, corrugated mixed paper and sludge. The overall pre- and post-consumer recycled content of our roofing products is between 1-50%. Integrating these materials into our products reduces landfill waste and carbon emissions.
  • CertainTeed diverts over 250,000 tons/year of slag, stone granules, corrugated mixed paper and sludge from landfills by recycling this material into our products.
  • In addition to landfill waste reduction, the use of recycled materials in our products reduces the release of CO2 from the extraction and processing of virgin raw materials that are used to manufacture the roofing products.
  • CertainTeed is committed to resource conservation. Our roofing manufacturing facilities recycle close to 90% of the production waste into asphalt materials used for the construction of roads. We also integrate recycled content into many of our packaging materials including corrugated rolls and kraft paper.
  • CertainTeed produces both low- and steep-slope roofing products that help to reduce energy costs and overall CO2 emissions from buildings.
    • Our white-granulated low-slope roofing products and our CoolStar™ membranes are ENERGY STAR® rated reflective roof surfaces that can help reduce peak cooling demand by 15%. CoolStar has a factory-applied white, acrylic-based coating which is highly reflective, helping to lower building cooling costs by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the building’s roof, which lowers rooftop and attic temperatures. It is available on fourteen of our roofing membranes (BUR, SBS and APP modified bitumen). CoolStar products exceed California Title 24 standards and are Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) certified.
    • Landmark Solaris™ is a steep-slope solar, reflective roofing shingle which contains advanced colored granules that reflect the suns rays and can reduce a roofs temperature by as much as 20%. These Energy Star shingles are rated by CRRC and meet California Title 24 requirements.
    • Landmark™ Series shingles in silver birch and mist white and CertainTeed’s CT™20, XT™25 and XT™30 strip shingles in Star White are also ENERGY STAR qualified steep-slope roofing products meeting both solar reflectance and thermal emissivity requirements.

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Hodges Roofing is a certified SELECT ShingleMaster™